Ashley has progressed through the ranks, moving from a position in hospitality, to the chance to train to become a manager with an apprenticeship.

“I started off as a hospitality assistant, and got the opportunity to do an apprenticeship. I’d heard from other people already doing apprenticeships that it can broaden your skills.

“Originally I was nervous starting out, but once I got into it, it became a lot easier. I was learning so much. Once I’d qualified within this area, I progressed much further in the workplace, and my employer saw this and gave me an opportunity to develop – and I then became a team leader.

“With the opening of a new care home in Nottingham, I was then given the opportunity to progress further and become a manager – all thanks to my previous qualifications – and now I’m studying a management apprenticeship. Each time I’ve had the ability to build up my skills and progress.

“I’m now doing a management qualification at Level 3. I’ve learnt new techniques to manage staff and ways of communicating. I’ve learnt about the disciplinary procedures, and I’ve gained confidence within the role.

“Each day is different working here. My current role involves allocating staff to different areas, making sure the best service is given, making sure the best food comes out of the kitchen, organising trips out and keeping residents both happy and comfortable.

“I don’t just do hospitality, I also oversee housekeeping and maintenance. My role involves lots of paperwork and making sure everything is running smoothly – in case we were to get an inspection.

“I am enjoying my role within the healthcare industry. If I’d chosen to study hospitality within a restaurant I think I’d have had a completely different experience. I’m really enjoying my time within a care home. The residents are lovely, it’s like one big family.

“After I complete my apprenticeship, I will feel more confident as a manager. I’d like to be able to take what I know and put it in place at any new homes which may open up. I know I have the experience and knowledge to do this – I’ve lost the nerves and know what I’m doing.

“Alongside my training I did English, maths and IT qualifications at college, which I really enjoyed. As an apprentice you’re working on-the-job, I’m learning as I go and getting paid for it – which really benefits me.

“Apprenticeships are great for your own personal development and any future opportunities going forward – if you’re thinking about doing an apprenticeship – I’d say go for it.”

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